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Glenn Beck doesn’t know the difference between a person and an office

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Often, when a powerful person wants to silence some kind of criticism, they’ll file a SLAPP suit, a strategic lawsuit against public participation. The goal isn’t to win the lawsuit – it’s to force the critical party to mount a (sometimes quite costly) legal defense. As a side benefit, other would-be critics often become collateral damage; they don’t become actual critics out of fear that they’ll be sued, as well.

These kinds of threats, whether tacit or spoken, are threats against the First Amendment – they combine the power of capital with the power of government action to prevent an individual from having to answer their critics.

Instead of filing lawsuits, Glenn Beck hosts a right-wing talk show on FoxNews and frequently chooses to highlight members of the opposition who are more obscure – that is, less powerful. Read the rest of this entry »


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23 January 2011 at 7.57 pm

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